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HYS Code of Conduct

HYS Code of Conduct

As with other sports, soccer contributes positively to the mental, physical, and emotional development of the individual. It is most important to establish and maintain standards of ethical behavior and conduct. A coach cannot be effective without the proper conduct of the players and parents.

Player Code of Conduct

  1. Play for your own enjoyment, not just to please a coach or parent.
  2. Play by the rules and laws of the game.
  3. Play hard, but never try to hurt your opponent.
  4. Always accept the decisions of the referee and do not question their judgment, and never their honesty.
  5. Play hard for yourself and your team.
  6. Exercise good sportsmanship; applaud all good plays whether by your team or your opponents.
  7. Respect your opponent. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Bullying and verbal abuse of other player will not be tolerated.
  8. Cooperate with your coach and team mates.
  9. Remember the goals of soccer are: have fun, improve skills and feel good about the way you play soccer.
  10. Do not use foul language or lose your temper when things go against you or your team.
  11. Win with humility and lose with dignity; set a shining example for your team and parents.
  12. Bullying on the soccer field or at practice will NOT be tolerated.

I have read and understand the code of conduct rules for players and agree to abide by them. I also understand that if I break any of these rules, the HYS may remove me from games and/or practices. If I continue to disregard the above rules, I may be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the current season with no refund and my future ability to play in of HYS’s recreational or travel leagues will be determined by the Travel Program Director.


Parents and Spectator Code of Conduct

  1. Remember young players are involved in soccer for their enjoyment; not yours.
  2. Encourage your child to always play by the laws of the game.
  3. Help young people work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship.
  4. Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides.
  5. Never ridicule, humiliate, or shout at young players.
  6. Do not place emphasis on “winning at all costs.”
  7. Do not force an unwilling child to participate in soccer or any sport.
  8. Do not use profane language or harass referees, coaches, or players.
  9. Lead by example; be on your best behavior.
  10. Applaud good play by the visiting team as well as your own.
  11. Show respect for your team and your opponents, without them there would be no game.
  12. Do not interfere with or distract players (do not sit behind the goalies or too close to the sidelines).
  13. Verbal abuse of players, coaches, board members and referees is not tolerated.
  14. Be kind to your child’s coach and to the officials.


The coach is a volunteer, giving their personal time, effort, and resources to provide a recreational activity for your child. The coach is providing a valuable community service, often with no reward other than their personal satisfaction. Without them, your child could not participate. Any issues or concerns regarding coaches should be forwarded to the Travel Program Director. I have read and understand the code of conduct rules above for parents and spectators and agree to abide by them. If I break any of these rules, I understand I may be suspended from attendance at games or practices. If rules continue to violate these rules I understand that my behavior may result in suspension or removal from the program for my player.
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