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Coaches Code of Conduct

Highland Youth Soccer Coach Code of Conduct


  • Sideline Sports Doc online course must be completed prior to participating in any training/games.
  • Concussion certification through NFHS must be completed prior to participating any training/games.
  • US Club Soccer background screening must be completed prior to participating any training/games.
  • Head coaches for travel league are required to obtain a coaching certification prior to the 3rd season of coaching.


  • Coaches should wear appropriate athletic attire, HYS coach shirt or “Highland” shirt is preferred.
  • All coaches will have access to HYS shed at Granger Park where equipment and first aid is available. 
  • Coaches should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of practices prepared to start regardless of whom has arrived and remain 15 minutes after practice for late pick-up and possible parent correspondence.
  • Keep your sessions fun, engaging and challenging to ensure players are setting soccer activities as a priority.


  • Coaches should arrive 30 minutes prior to your games to set up your warm-up activities and greet your players as they arrive.  Fifteen minutes prior is acceptable for U5-U8 games.
  • Coaches are responsible for the behavior of the players, spectators, and themselves. A preseason meeting should be held to review any and all policies that a coach wishes to use for a given season.
  • Keep all interactions with the opposing team’s coaches/players/parents positive as possible. The opposing team is not the enemy. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and awareness that both teams want to win. Avoid making any negative comments and keep any negative feelings to yourself.
  • Respect the referees. Chat with the referee prior to your game to ensure consciences of game policies. Avoid criticizing the referees and your parents and players will follow your lead.
  • Remind your parents to let “the Coaches” do the coaching. Direction from the sidelines is distracting and confusion for the players.
  • All coaches that travel to away games will be provided with a first aid kit to carry with them to games. 
  • Do not discuss the play of specific young players in front of other players during a game.
  • Limit your comments from the sideline to positive comments. If more needs to be said it is probably best to remove the player from the game and talk to the player in a one-on-one environment.
  • Do not encourage your team to run up the score on another team.  Unbalanced games happen, but there are creative ways to challenge a superior team that can potentially even the playing field. 
  • In U5/6 games, the coaches are the referees. Even at this age, kids may need to be reminded of soccer etiquette. 


Ask Yourself: Will I Be Proud of What I Am About to Say or Do When I Reflect On It Tomorrow?



  • Clear and concise statements should be used to communicate to your players. Avoid long speeches.
  • Bring a chair to each game and actually sit in it. When you see something that was addressed in practice or in the pre-game discussion then rise out of your chair with authority to punctuate what you have to say and then sit back down and enjoy the game.
  •  Players under 10 should receive equal playing time during games regardless of player skill or game score. As players reach 11 game time will begin to shift based on player skill and game score. All players will receive game time but the amount of game time may vary based on the specific need of the current game in play.
  •  Make sure each player understands their role and every once in a while put them in a role they are not accustomed to playing and make a mental note of how they deal with the situation.  Keep the game challenging to keep your players engaged.
  •  Make a point of your players to wear the correct uniform, even down to their socks (for travel players).
  •  Attending seasonal coach clinic and pre-season meeting is expected and will only better your coaching experience and prevent miscommunication.
  •  All coaching questions should be directed to HYS Directors of Travel programs.
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